EMF Protective Hoodie

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EMF Protective Clothing /
ElectroMagneticField Mitigation

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A complete protection of the body and head!

This long-sleeved shirt, without front opening, has a hood with an extension at the chin. Fixed inside, by the collar and on each side by small buttons, this extension allows a good cover of the thyroid without being tight on the throat. It can also be folded inwards, when less needed.. Its generous head cover does not obstruct the vision when turning your head from left to right… It holds well in place!

It is made of soft and breathable protective fabrics. Although this garment covers the whole body and head, it is light enough to be worn indoors, without being too warm. 

Comfortable in all seasons! 

Protects against most frequencies emitted by current wireless technologies, offering mitigation up to 40 dB.

For Men and Women 

Sizes : XS to XL

( Consult the size chart to find the one that suits you!)

inches / centimeters

tableau mesures impériales      tableau mesures métriques

Color : Light grey cotton
Fibres : 51% Cotton / 26% SilverFiber / 23% Polyester
Mitigation : 40dB

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